Stem Cell Technology = The Next Step In Skin Care

Stem Cell technology has been a hotly contested subject, mainly because of how doctors have obtained the stem cells.  But like all technology and science, there are always people out their that want to do it better, and do it more ethically.  Enter Doctor Nathan Newman, M.D. (world renowned cosmetic surgeon)

Dr. Nathan Newman along with other researchers have developed procedures in their field using Stem Cell’s from Adult fat with some stunning results, so what better thing to do than bring that technology to you and I, thus Jeunesse was born. Like the results from the Stem Cell procedures in cosmetic surgery, They have created a serum that has equally stunning results.

From repairing skin from burns to repairing fine lines and ridding the face of unsightly blemishes, now of course the results may vary, not all bodys are the same, but the feedback from everyone using the skin serum has been overwhelming.  We often wonder why so much attention is put on anti-ageing, but lets face it we are a vain lot not wanting to show the ravages of time, and as much as we would like, nothing unfortunately will stop our ageing process completely, and we know we can do a lot by the way we look after ourselves internally as well as externally to give is a better chance, but why not have another weapon in our arsenal?  Jeunesse make a complete system dedicated to maintaining good external and internal health, from their serum right through to their moisturisers  and vitamins and like I mentioned before the results are pretty amazing look at what an older woman with burns said and see her stunning results.

” I burned my hands and neck while I was cooking. I was at my Daughter-in-law’s house a week later and when she saw the condition of my hands and neck, she quickly convinced me I should apply the Luminesce product. Because this product is so new she thought it would be a good idea to take pictures. I am so impressed – even my friends who I play cards with are asking me what I was using and where can they get some. -Phyllis Cheeseman April 18, 2010 “

For more info on this amazing breakthrough you can view doctor Newman’s conference showing their amazing results here:

2 responses to “Stem Cell Technology = The Next Step In Skin Care

  1. WOW that picture of Phyllis is amazing- a goldie oldie normally wouldnt heal so well- can you tell me how long it took for those results?

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